Dario Cebic

Prof. Dr. Dario Cebic was born in Zagreb and learned piano and violin from an early age before transferring to double bass, piano, musicology, music theory and composition. He attended Elementary and Secondary school of in Zagreb, after which he started higher education in piano, composition, double bass, musical science, music culture, music theory, music pedagogy with modull music theory, conducting and musicology. He got several master degrees in 2005 – 2013. In 2007 he starts doctoral studies in music science. In 2012 he finished doctoral study (Dr. phil) on Universität für Musik and darstellende Kunst in Graz, and "Postgraduale study" in composition on Universität für Musik and darstellende Kunst in Vienna with professor Michael Obst. He finished also composition (Magisteron grad II – Doktorat) on the "State conservatory" in Udine.. Specialisation: ,,Hans Eisler“ Hochschule für Musik, Berlin (Musikwissenschaft Special, Analyse 20. Jahrhundert) und ,,Hochschule für Musik“ Frankfurt (Composition).
He attended specialisation with Karl Heinz Stockhausen, Dieter Mack, Renato Miani, Mario Pagotto and Martijn Padding.

He has won many prizes and awards, z. A: Expo Beijing 2019/Peking China 2019, 1. Prize on International Composition Competition in Barletta, 1. Prize on International Composition Competition in Vienna 2012, 1. Prize on International Composition Competition InterArtia 2014, 2015. and 2017; 2019, 2. Prize on Volos International Composition Competition 2013 and 2014, 2. Prize on Composition Competition - in Zagreb, 1. Prize on Internationa Composition Competition Bari 2015 and 2016, Award from Croatian Minstry of Culture for his "Symphony Nr. 1 for large Orchestra, 2. prize on European Music Competition 2017, Special prize for Composition IBLA – New York 2013 and 2014, Special Prize in Composition in Osijek 2019, 1. Prize on the Amigdala International Composition Competition 2015 and 2016, 2. Prize on the Stressa International Composition Competition 2018, etc.).
In 2010, he was awarded with the town award for development and improvement of music art. In 2011, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018, he obtain the recognition at Croatian Association of Music and Dance Teachers. He has performed at more than 60 instrumental festivals and his music has been successfully performed in over 30 countries.

In 2014, he was awarded with the county award for development and improvement of music art. In the same year, he won the first prizes on International Composition Competition Bari, International Composition Competition "Giuseppe Raciti" and an award from European and World Folklore Association. In 2016 he won the second prize on International Composition Competition ,,Egidio Carella" - Val Tidone International Music Competitions. 2016 and 2017 he obtein award from European Association of Folklore Festivals - EAFF (offizial partner of UNESCO-a).

In 2015, he was awarded with the "Artist of the Year 2014" in Composition at International Art Society & Academy.

Steirische Tonkünstlerbund (Beirat)
Österreichische Komponistenbund

Österreichische Musikrat

"Kompositionen des 21. Jahrhunderts“ (www.shaker.de)
"Die Entwicklung des Tamburizzaspiels in Kroatien und Österreich" (www.shaker.de)

CDS (auf mehr als 40 CDs.); z.A.:
"Bilder und Erinnerungen", 2005, Dallas Records
"Kontrabasso di bravura", 2007, DallasRecords
"Fascination", 2011, Spona Classics
"Klarinetten-Projekt", 2015, Steirische Tonkünstlerbund
"Sax - Event", STB
"Cello Recital", 2015, STB
"Flauta dolce forte piano", 2015,STB
"Orchesterwerke", 2016, STB
"Alea Ensemble - Turin“, 2017 STB
"Orchesterwerke", 2017, STB
"Transition", STB, 2018
"Erinnerungen", Spona Classics, Zagreb, 2016. and 2018.
"Kammerkonzert", Grazer Universitaetsorchester

14 Sinfonien
4 Kammersynfonien, Ensemblwerke, Klavierwerke, Chorwerke, Filmmusik usw.
Musik für Dokumentarfilm - "100 Jahre Erster Weltkrieg".
3 Spot: "Leave" for piano solo; "For her smile" for piano solo; "Concertino" for piano solo, 2. Satz (Composer und Piano: Dario Cebic), ,,Symphonie No. 1“ - Grazer Universitaetsorchester; Svetlana Sokolova, Klavier