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During the month of Feminist Fight day/
International Women*’s Day, the exhibition “Reflecting FLINTA*
Perspectives” presents a collaboration between BIAS Contemporary
FLINTA* Project (Dresden) and the FLINTA* members of Kunstverein ROTER
KEIL (Graz). BIAS Contemporary draw explicit attention to the
capitalist-patriarchal conditions under which art is both made and
accessed by exhibiting reproductions of their work, such as books,
catalogues, portfolios, flyers, repro photographs and documentary
videos. KEIL artists respond with similar reproductions as well as
original works that expand on what the concept of reproduction can
mean, reflecting themes present across various artists exhibiting such
as reproduction of the self, reproduction of violence, and
reproduction of life. The resulting exhibition reflects the concerns
of FLINTA* artists in Dresden and Graz, as well as the conditions in
which they create work. The history of International Women*’s Day is
rooted in women’s strike movements and this interrogation of
capitalist patriarchy is reflected here.

ARTISTS: Amalija Lalić Stanić, Angelina Seibert, Anja Herzog, Antje
Meichsner, Belinda Winkler, Caroline Beach, Deborah Geppert, Dina
Zaitev, Eve Prechtl, Friederike Butter, Hannah Doepke, Helene Thümmel,
Lotte Dohmen, Lisa Maria Baier, Mia Heidler, Maria Schneider, Noemi
Durighello, Olya Kroytor, Patricia Westerholz, Ren Aldridge, Suntje
Sagerer, Yulia Ostheimer
Eröffnung 15. März 2024, 19:00 Uhr
16. - 31. März 2024, Mi - Sa 15:00 - 18:00 Uhr
1. - 5. April 2024, Mi - Sa 15:00 - 18:00 Uhr
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Supported by Stadt Graz and Das Land Steiermark

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(c) Foto: Kunstverein ROTER KEIL

Veranstalter: Kunstverein ROTER KEIL & Bias FLINTA* Projects Dresden