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Iva Kuzmanović is a Serbian contemporary artist and a co-founder of U10 Art Space, a Belgrade-based artist-run space focusing on young and emerging art. She is currently a scholarship holder with the Artist in Residence program by Kulturvermittlung Steiermark, in Graz.

The artist will present her work but will also take you for a walk through a vivid Serbian independent art scene landscape. The talk will be moderated by Natascha Reiterer.

Iva Kuzmanović has been a member of NKA / ICA since 2007, within which she had been exhibiting as an artist and participating as a cultural mediator in four editions of Real Presence, international platform for young artists and art students, under mentorship of Biljana Tomić. Since 2012, as a co-founder of the U10 Art Space, and a regular member of the U10 Collective, she has participated as an organizer, curator or artist in over one hundred and fifty group and solo exhibitions and other projects in culture and art. Currently enrolled in PhD course in Painting department at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade.

In her practice, she is working in different medias ranging from painting (usually oil on canvas) to spatial installations made of neon lights, sand, sound, and other elements. She is mostly dealing with the notions of anxiety, fatalism and temporality, frequently devising them through depictions of vast artificial neon-desert landscapes, atomic bomb testing or tropical scenery airplane crashes. Lives and works in Belgrade.
Hinweis 15. Februar 2024, 19:00 Uhr
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Veranstaltungsort: @RAUM, Griesgasse 26, 8020 Graz

The talk will be held in English, free admission!

(c) Foto: Iva Kuzmanović
Bikini Atol I, 2021 (Ausschnitt)