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First Terrace Tour 2022 (JP, UK, S, D)

Since 2017 First Terrace Records have hit the road annually, every summer, touring across Europe with a crew of artists and friends.

“Complex yet intuitive, architectural yet funky, minimal yet full of wonder… ARCHIVE finds forms of beauty where others might see only ugliness” - THE WIRE
"Sofheso has the makings of Japan’s own Aphex Twin” - THE QUIETUS
The quotes give an impression of the power/quality of Sofheso's work... we're thrilled he will be joining us for his first ever shows outside of Japan. Expect mind-altering, earth shattering rhythmic experiments & expressions.

VIDA VOYAGE (Gothenburg)
Vida Voyage (Gothenburg/London/Berlin, on the road) cowboy-esque guitar/vocal/lyrical transmission from the dull era. She'll be getting lost in the desert, and then tryna find her way home. She does not have any merch at the moment, but offers rock star tarot readings instead.

Specimens is the London based artist & producer Alex Ives. His work explores the avenues of self awareness & racial identity through the medium of cassette loops, ambient drones, distorted piano samples, saxophone and experimental frequencies. He has toured across Europe, Japan & America, performing alongside artists such as Machinefabriek, Midori Hirano, Chihei Hatakeyama, John Bence & more.

Joseph "Skip" Summers is a sound artist who uses his own homemade acoustic & electronic instruments within his fluxus style performances.

JC LEISURE (Liverpool)
JC Leisure is currently working on a record with improv musicians and 15 atlantic grey seals. His last album Mutations For was released on Warm Winters Ltd.
23. September 2022, 18:00 Uhr
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